Tactics & Equipment

We provide all necessary tackle and equipment.

What we use is based on discussion before the trip, taking into account conditions and recent results on the chosen venue.

Fly fishing (and spinning) for catfish

We frequently target Wels catfish on the fly, a pioneering approach for which our trips have become renowned in Italy.

Pursuing Europe’s largest freshwater predator with a fly presents a unique challenge for even the most versatile and experienced fly rod.

We recommend these trips are made in 5 hour slots, starting at first light and / or three hours before dusk. Clients should expect to be on the move throughout, and wading in shallow water is often necessary during the summer.

Casting to hunting Wels catfish by sight is supremely exciting, and strikes can be fierce and explosive. We have developed and trialled a powerful set up by adapting saltwater fly tackle designed for tarpon and giant trevally. We use 9ft 12wt rods (Sage Xi3) and large arbor reels (Sage 6012), and supply our own range of flies.

When conditions allow, we also offer sighted fly fishing at night. Flanked by our guide, clients wade to carefully selected positions and wait for the chance to make close range casts to hunting or tailing Wels – a technique that requires skill and patience.

Click here to see examples of our flies

If you do not have reasonable experience casting a 12wt fly rod, or conditions are challenging, we will switch to a spinning rod and fixed spool reel.

We draw on an array of spinning tactics, and greatly enjoy sharing our thinking on lure selection and presentation for Wels. We use 9ft Shimano Beastmaster Silurus rods and Shimano Spheros 8000PG reels.

Casting to hunting Wels catfish by sight is supremely exciting, and strikes can be fierce and explosive.

Tactics for carp

Stalking - targeting individual fish by sight and stealth - is our preferred method for singling out large carp on rural stretches of the Arno. If the client is prepared to be mobile and carefully follow the guide's advice, it can be an incredibly exciting approach. For this we use an 8.6ft, 2.75lb test curve rod and a lightweight reel.

Our guide Oliver has landed carp up to 56lb / 25kg whilst stalking on the Arno.

We do not offer 'static' fishing for carp or other species (i.e. using multiple rods and / or electronic alarms).