Luke from New York – 38lb carpa regina

On 24th April we guided Luke from New York.

Before his trip with us, eleven year old Luke’s largest capture weighed five pounds, a record he almost octupled within an hour of fishing with us, after having booked his trip eight months in advance!

Accompanied by our guide Ollie, Luke waded into position and waited patiently for the signs of rising fish at sunrise. Achieving a take on only his second cast, a tense 35 minute battle ensued, throughout the majority of which the fish refused to move or turn in the central flow of the river. Finally, the spectacular carpa regina was coaxed towards the waiting net and, charged by adrenaline, Luke managed to carefully lift the fish – almost a third of his own body weight – for a single catch photo. With assistance from Ollie, the fish was weighed, and then steadied and restored in the water before being released to swim strongly away.

Luke landed one other small carpa regina of 9lb.

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A presto, FiF,