Collaboration with Rupert Harvey Flies

Over the past six months we’ve been working with South African fly tyer Rupert Harvey to tailor a range of flies specifically for Wels catfish.

Now based in Ireland, Rupert ties and creates flies for leading outfitters and guides across the world, and specializes in saltwater patterns for the big predators of the tropical flats: tarpon, giant trevally and permit.

After looking at our patterns to-date and watching footage of us casting to Wels by sight, Rupert listed improvements and alternative materials.

Sixty prototypes and a change of hook later, we have a range of EP and bunny flies for targeting Arno Wels with different tactics in different conditions.

Please see examples below.

These flies are generally intended for use with a 12wt floating line.

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A presto, FiF.

fly-fishing-Tuscany-Italy-Wels-catfish1 fly-fishing-Tuscany-Italy-Wels-catfish-pike2

fly-fishing-Tuscany-Italy-Wels-catfish3 fly-fishing-Tuscany-Italy-Wels-catfish4

fly-fishing-Tuscany-Italy-Wels-catfish5 fly-fishing-Tuscany-Italy-Wels-catfish6